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James Rinehart

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After more than 27 successful years in the ranch real estate brokerage business, an opportunity presented itself to merge Western United Realty resources with Mason & Morse Ranch Company. The changing dynamics of land brokerage and James’s commitment to continue to provide expertise and effective marketing services for clients were key decision factors in selecting Mason & Morse Ranch Company as a land brokerage partner.

Welcome James Rinehart to the team.
Mason & Morse Ranch Company

“We live it to know it”

Since 1972 Western United Realty has provided ranching families service enriched in heritage, integrity, hard work and honesty.

Every transaction is as personal to us as it is to you; we understand that buying or selling ranch property can be more than just a land investment. It is about the past heritage or new heritage to be formed, a lifestyle change or building a new family legacy.

We’ve been brokering Colorado and Wyoming ranch and recreational properties for over 30 years. In addition to brokering ranches for customers, they’ve been in the ranching business for most of their lives. It doesn’t matter the size or type of ranch property you’re looking for. At Western United our expert ranch brokers will find the property that fits you and your family best. From small unique properties to large, sprawling land tracts of 100, 000 acres we can help.

Marketing That Sells

One key to success in our business is marketing. If you’re trying to sell a property, we’ll make sure that your ranch for sale in Wyoming or Colorado is marketed so that it’s targeted to the right buyer. If you’re selling, detailed custom brochures will help make your property shine, highlighting key attributes and statics.

Now more than ever the real estate buyer spends time researching the property before ever contacting a broker, or seeing any particular advertisement. We deal with a much more educated buyer. They do a lot of preliminary leg work on the internet before contacting the broker. The buyer today will research a Wyoming Ranch for sale or Colorado ranch for sale via the internet and never see print media or contact a broker. Once a buyer contacts the broker, they have most of the information in hand, making it more important that the listing company know each ranch personally. And that broker must know the local and regional intricacies to properly represent the ranch. If being shown “hype” and not the facts about the ranch and the area, simply a flashy marketing campaign, that buyer will not come look nor will they ever learn how special or unique that ranch is. Selling a ranch is not simply about the best marketing, it requires an intimate knowledge of that ranch and the surrounding area.

In addition to brochures, your property will be in targeted publications:

  • Specialty land magazines and web sites.
  • Ranchbrokers.com – Our premier website since 1997
  • Hunting and Fishing magazines
  • Metro Business Journals
  • Rocky Mountain Farm and Ranch Journals
  • Western Livestock Journals
  • Exclusive access to international markets via our LandbrokerMLS.com membership

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Referral Network Working for you

In addition to strategic marketing, at Western United we work with a large referral network that connects our ranch brokers and agents to others throughout the region and country. If you’re selling, buyers can come from anywhere and we’re connected. If you’re buying we’ll work within our network to find the right property for you. Many of our customers come to us via a satisfied buyer from another transaction. The reputation and accomplishments cannot be understated as one of the most important tools in bringing a buyer to your ranch for sale. Our reputation with buyers and sellers alike enables us to find those buyers that want to work with a reputable firm.

Who are your Buyers?

Existing ranchers. Many ranchers are looking to expand current operations, or leaving an expensive area to find another ranch through an IRC 1031 tax deferred exchange.


  • Individuals looking for a lifestyle change, personal or company retreat.
  • Hunters and fisherman where the property has ample grounds for both activities.
  • Wealthy individuals pursuing the Western lifestyle and who are in search of a legacy building property.
  • Investors wanting investment property in an area of appreciating values or for future development.

Choosing the right company for you

At Western United Realty, we’ve always strived to work with one goal. We believe that this code is applicable to the way people live and do business today. We strive to follow these simple principles in every aspect of our business Do the best for the client while operating under the rules of Code of the West.

James P. Owen, author and CEO of The Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership, penned the book Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from The Code of the West. The ten simple principles listed in the book are based upon the unwritten code that cowboys have lived by for years; a code that Owen seeks to apply to modern life.


  • Live Each Day with Courage
  • Take Pride in Your Work
  • Always Finish What You Start
  • Do What Has To Be Done
  • Be Tough, But Fair
  • When You Make a Promise, Keep It
  • Ride for the Brand
  • Talk Less and Say More
  • Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale
  • Know Where to Draw the Line
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