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the best ranch property for you

When it comes to buying a ranch property for sale, we know and understand the investment you’re taking on.

That’s why at Western United Realty, we take the right steps to ensure that you’re getting the best ranch property for you – not us. Our personal experience with ranch ownership and the purchase and sale of recreational properties in Wyoming and Colorado helps clients make informed decisions with their own properties.

The Right Property

One of our experienced ranch brokers will sit with you and discuss your needs and desires, and then they will search our vast database of properties to find the best Wyoming or Colorado ranch property for you. Quite often we will find an exceptional ranch that is not actively on the market and not widely known. There are many that are not advertised or marketed via the internet. Whether you’re seeking a large cattle ranch for sale or an exceptional outdoor sporting property, our experienced team will help you, find the right size, location and price.

Ranch Property

Finding the Right Ranch Property for Sale

When it comes to finding ranch property for sale, every property and everyone is different. Every client will need different amenities and attributes that come with their ranch. Your ranch broker has the ability to focus and filter through the hype and marketing to find out what is really on the land:

  • Amenities
  • Recreation and Sporting opportunities
  • Privacy
  • Agricultural Operations and potential income
    • Government leases. Reference info can be found at: BLM Ranglands
    • Please be sure to visit with us regarding any questions regarding federal lands grazing.

Experience Matters

With over 30 years of working with ranch clients in Wyoming and Colorado, our many resources and network will help us find the right ranch for you and your family quickly.

The following questions and many others we review with buyers to narrow down to a focus list of amenities to find in a property and exactly where to search. Access? Amenities? Recreation and sporting types? Privacy? Agricultural operations?

All of the above questions entail a multitude of answers and investigation and which of these unknowns are most important to your family will guide the search for your ranch. Western United Realty LLC has the skills to answer these questions and help a buyer determine what their true needs are.


When it comes to ranching, remote can mean miles and miles. Your broker will need to know just how remote you really want to be.


Who do you want your neighbor to be? Do you want it to be private land or government property? We’ll research to define the use and traffic in the area.

Outdoor and Sporting Activities

Ranches are generally prime real estate for fishing, hunting and other activities. We’ll make sure the opportunities are on the property and to what extent they are available. What balance of activities will be the right fit for the client? This can be one of the most important decisions.

Improvements and Agricultural Operations

This varies, but do you want to improve upon the existing structures if needed or do you want to build new? It’s up to you on how much work you want to do to the structures. Our brokers will find the right property.
Agricultural operations of the Ranch: How will you use the ranch?

  • Will you graze yearling cattle or a year-round cow/calf operation?
  • What will your hay requirements be?
  • How good are the water rights on a particular ranch compared to others in the area?
  • Is a lease to an outside operator a better option?
Land Survey

Has the land you’re interested in been surveyed? Yes and No. The following link takes you to relevant details about the government’s rectangular survey system used out west. For more information, a web search of “public-land-survey-system” will provide a wealth of information.

View Link

Buying a ranch is a major process. Chances are you’ll have a lot more questions as we begin your search. Our ranch brokers will answer any questions you may have at any time.

You Found Your Ranch, Now What?

Finding the right ranch for sale is only half of the process. Now, our ranch brokers will help you seal the deal with confidence and ease, we’ll walk you through the complete due diligence process.

Due Diligence: When it comes to inspections, most ranch sales involve unique inspection requirements than many investors and commercial realtors understand. We’ve handled hundreds of transactions, and as part of our attention to detail we’ll assist you and your attorney in reviewing the details from A to Z.

These include, but are by no means limited to:

Depending on the nature of the property, we have seen a due diligence period of a little as 30 days or as long as 90+ days.

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